Fits all Standard Residential Water Lines
Model TAT-1 for Residential Applications!
Designed For Larger Pipe Sizes found in Hot Tubs, Spas, and some Well Water Applications!
Model TAT-2 for Spas, Pools, and Larger Pipes
Designed for Pools and Commercial Water Applications
Model TAT-21 for Large Diameter Water Lines
Trentatron Model TAT-1

Trentatrons are the most powerful permanent magnet water conditioning devices available.

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It simply is just Better Water.

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Better Water
Hot Tub

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Shower Head

Magnetic Water/Fluid Conditioners have been around for much longer than most people are aware.

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The Next Generation of Magnetic Water Treatment Devices. 

Are you tired of dealing with Hard Water Soap Stains on your Bathroom Fixtures?
Are you even aware of the Lime Scale buildup inside your Pipes and Hot Water Heater due to Hard Water?
Would you like to have Better Tasting Tap Water?
Would you like to reduce your use of laundry detergents and fabric softeners?

Would you like to avoid the high cost and maintenance of salt based water softeners?
Would you like to retain the beneficial minerals in you hard water while avoiding the leaching and corrosion  problems associated with soft (or softened) water?

Since I installed my Trentatrons at my own house, I have eliminated hard water soap scum in my bathtub, eliminated lime scale buildup from my water heater, improved the taste of my water, my hair is softer and more manageable, and my laundry is cleaner and softer.

Trentatrons produce a flux density inside the pipe that is 5 Times Stronger than any Ceramic Magnet based MWT devices. 

Magnetic Water Treatment devices have been used now for several decades to provide 


Magnetic water treatment (MWT) devices are designed to treat the effects of hard water in homes, pools and commercial and industrial businesses. The technology is an effective, reliable and affordable alternative to environmentally damaging salt based systems. 

These devices, when properly designed and installed, have been shown to provide effective lime scale control as well as many other beneficial changes to our water supplies. 

Trentatrons combine the strongest commercially available rare-earth magnets (Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) material) with a specially designed heavy steel frame to magnify the magnetic flux density inside the pipe (where it counts).

  Neodymium magnets are the most powerful 'rare-earth' permanent magnet composition known to mankind.  They have a flux density that is 4 to 5 times greater than any ferrite (ceramic) magnetic material.

The second advancement in Magnetic Water Treatment is the heavy steel frame design which magnetically couples the two magnets in the Trentatrons together and magnifies the flux density in the center of the pipe (where it counts). 

You can see on our Performance page how the steel frame is used to magnify the flux density inside the pipes. It shows that the flux readings inside the Trentatrons are always higher than readings taken directly on the surface of a bare magnet.  The smaller the pipe diameter (the closer the magnets are), the higher the flux density inside the pipe is.

Technical information on how these things work can be found on links placed on My Chronicle page.  On My Chronicle page I documented some of the research material that is available on Magnetic Water Treatment.  I have combined this information with details of what my real life results with these devices have been. 

What will Trentatrons do for me you may ask?

Simply stated, they just give you Better Water.

See our Better Water  page for descriptions of all the many changes and improvements you can expect from magnetized water.

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