Trentatron Test Data

The following tests and measurements was taken on a TAT-1 installed on a 3/4" inch copper pipe.  Measurements were made looking for the peak flux density, the flux density in the center of the pipe which is where the minimum flux density occurs in this design.  Also a six inch steel scale was used to show the alignment of the flux field.

Test data shows that the maximum flux density is 5810 Gauss at the edge of the pipe closes to each of the  magnets.  In comparison the GMX 800 has a minimum flux density of less than 480 Gauss and the Flexable Wrap device has a minimum flux density of ZERO Gauss.


The maximum flux density in this design is produced on both sides of the pipe that is closes to the rare-earth magnets. It produces a flux density exceeding 5,800 Gauss on both sides of the pipe when used on a 3/4 inch copper pipe



This photo shows a six inch scale placed inside the pipe to indicate the flux field alignment.  This steel scale will align itself with the flux field with the flat side pointing in the direction of the magnetic field.  It shows how the flux field cuts directly across the center of the pipe.   The scale can not be positioned any other way inside the pipe and is held forcibly in place.