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Trentatrons are 5 times stronger than any ceramic magnet based water conditioning device on the market!!

The most important factor in judging the performance of Magnetic Water Treatment devices is the field strength they develop inside the pipe and it's field alignment.  However very few of the vendors of these devices actually talk about the field strength inside the pipe let alone the field alignment.  Shower HeadMost want to talk about the gauss rating of the material in their magnets. In an open magnetic circuit, surface gauss measurements are always much lower than the gauss rating of the material.  Don't confuse material ratings with actual in the pipe flux density measurements.  Material rating is only one factor in determining actual magnetic field densities inside the pipe. 

Trentatrons are designed with a heavy steel frame to shape and magnify the flux field inside the pipe.  Trentatrons are also designed to align the flux field so that it crosses directly across the water flow for maximum reaction with the hydrogen atoms in the water.  The flux field doesn't bounce around the sides of the pipe as other designs do.

For a better understanding here are some photos of measurements of a C5 Ceramic magnet of the type used in nearly all other MWT devices, then a small N50 Neodymium block magnet,  then a sequence of photos of our line of Trentatrons.  The TAT-1 model uses N42 Neodymium magnets and is designed for pipes sizes up to 1 1/4" copper pipe or 1" PVC pipe.  The TAT-2 model uses N42 Neodymium magnets and is designed for pipes sizes from 3/4" to 2" copper pipe or 3/4" to  2" PVC pipe. Our model TAT-21 uses massive 2x2x1 N42 Neodymium magnets for the highest possible flux densities (using permanent magnets).  The TAT-21 is designed for pipes sizes from 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" copper pipe or 1" to  2 1/2" PVC pipe also.  Our largest unit, the TAT-4 is designed for 2 1/2" to 4" PVC or Copper pipe and it uses 4" wide and 4" Long magnets with a pull force each of 400 pounds.

In the sequence shots of the Trentatrons note the build up of flux field density as the Trentatrons heavy Steel Frame is added.  Also note that the surface flux reading of a bare magnet is much lower than the Br rating of the material.  The Ceramic magnet has a Br rating of 3,800 Gauss yet the flux level measured directly on the magnet is 514 Gauss. 

The N50 Neodymium block magnet has a Br rating of 14,700 Gauss.  The N42 Neodymium magnets we use in the Trentatron units have a rating of 13,200 Gauss yet surface readings are only 3900 Gauss until we add them to the Trentatrons heavy steel frame. 

C5 Ceramic Magnet

C5 Ceramic

N50 Neodymium Cube Magnet

N50 Neodymium

N40 Magnet for MWT1

N42 Neodymium

TAT-1 - Half Frame

TAT-1   1/2" Copper

TAT-1   3/4" Copper

TAT-1  1" Copper

TAT-2  Half Frame

TAT-2  1" PVC

TAT-2  1 1/2" PVC

TAT-2  2" PVC

TAT-21 1" PVC

TAT-21  1 1/4" PVC

TAT-21  1 1/2" PVC

TAT-21  2" PVC

TAT-21 2 1/2" PVC

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The chart below gives the measured flux density (Gauss) inside the pipe for each unit and each pipe size.

Unit Pipe Size Peak Center of Pipe
TAT-1 1/2" Copper 6538 6250
TAT-1 3/4 " Copper 5810 4600
TAT-1 1 " Copper 5284 3100
TAT-2 1" PVC 4462 3100
TAT-2 1 1/2" PVC 3879 2500
TAT-2 2" PVC 3680 1800
TAT-21 1 " PVC 5814 4550
TAT-21 1 1/4" PVC 5636 3850
TAT-21 1 1/2" PVC 5303 3200
TAT-21 2" PVC 4742 2300
TAT-21 2 1/2" PVC 4339 1700

Can you guess which magnet is actually the strongest (pull force) magnet.  The N50 cube magnet has the highest flux reading, followed by the N42 magnets and then lastly the C5 magnet.  The magnet with the highest "Pull Force" is our  N42 magnet (TAT-4) at 402 pounds, followed by the large N42 magnet (TAT-21) at 100 pounds, followed by our N42 magnet (TAT-1) at 71 pounds, then the C5 Ceramic magnet at 40 pounds, and last is the N50 cube magnet.  Why is this?  Pull force is related to both the size of the magnet and the Gauss rating of the material.  While the N50 material has by far the highest flux density, this cube magnet is the smallest in size.  The formula for finding the pull force of cube magnets is as follows:

Pull Force = 0.576 x BrĀ² x (Th) x √‾A where

Br = Flux Density in KiloGauss

Th = Thickness of Magnetized Surfaces in inches

A = Surface Area (L x W) in inches


All of the magnets we use are the strongest magnets currently available.  These magnets are potentially dangerous!  Due to their extreme attractive force they can:

  • Jump out of your hands and snap together from a SURPRISING DISTANCE before you realize what is happening.

  • Pose a serious pinch hazard due to their attractive force on each other and to any metal object containing iron.


The TAT-21 magnets are especially dangerous.  The two magnets in this unit if allowed to come together would have a combined attractive force of 400  pounds.  These units must be installed and handled with care by "adults only".  Safety glasses are recommended and gloves should be considered required.  They are brittle and if allowed to fly together could potentially shatter.  They are safe as long as you maintain a tight grip and concentrate on your work area and assembly technique.


To really understand the power of our heavy steel frame and these powerful magnets please take a look at the following photos.  We used two of our TAT-2 steel frames and one TAT-21 magnet to test the pull force of the magnet.  You can see in the first photo that the bottom frame is only being held in place by  the TAT-21 magnet (Pull Force= 200 pounds).  The second photo is of a 5 horsepower garden tiller with an additional 70 pounds of dumbbells being suspended by the pull force of the magnet.  The third is of a young lady weighing 130 pounds swinging from this arrangement.  Since I weigh 190 pounds it wouldn't hold me and I fully tested the safety rope I had in place.

Steel Frame and Magnet configuration Garden tiller plus 70 pounds of dumbbells Magnet swing set

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Mechanical specifications are as follows:


Frame is 2.75" Tall x 3" Long x 2.25" Wide

Magnets are 2" Long x 1" Wide x .5" Thick with 72 Pounds of Pull Force.


Frame is 3.75" Tall x 3" Long x 3.75" Wide

Magnets are 2" Long x 2" Wide x .5" Thick with 100 Pounds of Pull Force.


Frame is 4.75" Tall x 3" Long x 3.75" Wide

Magnets are 2" Long x 2" Wide x 1" Thick with 200 Pounds of Pull Force.