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Magnetic Water Treatment Devices.

Well Water Special

Hot Tub Girl

This special is designed for Well Water Systems that have the larger PVC pipe sizes (3/4" - 2") and very hard water.  Two of the TAT-2 are used on the main water supply line plus a TAT-1 is used as a booster unit for the hot water coming out of the hot water heater.

The TAT-2 employs two 2" x 2" x .5" N42 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets.  These magnets are TWICE as wide as those used by our competitors for similar size pipe.  If you have a 2" pipe, you need a 2" wide magnet for complete field coverage across the full section of pipe. 

The TAT-2 is designed to work with 3/4" to 2" PVC or Copper Pipe. 

The TAT-1 is designed for pipe sizes up to 1 " PVC. 


Well Water Special!!

This package is for well water systems having very hard water and cold water pipes in the 3/4" Copper to 2" PVC pipe ranges. It provides 2 Each Model TAT-2 and 1 Each Model TAT-1. The TAT-1 provides a booster unit for the Hot Water Service Pipe.

Internet Sales Price: $ 350.00

It provides:

2 Each Model TAT-2

1 Each Model TAT-1

Trentatron Well Water Special WWS-2