Trentatron Safety Guidelines


  1. Trentatrons are supplied with spacers and/or shipping tape on the magnets to prevent  magnet movement due to a sudden jolt.  The Trentatron magnets are not glued in place.  They hold themselves in place and the magnets will fly together inside the frame, only if dropped or if the slotted channel is allowed to snap to the bottom of the slot, without a pipe or spacer in place or shipping tape in place.  This arrangement is helpful if you let your Trentatron get attached to too many things and permits future upgrades to higher grade magnet materials.
  2. It is very difficult to separate these magnets if they become attached to one another.  They must be slid side ways and apart using the supplied spacer.  If the TAT-21 magnets are allowed to attach to one another you have 400 pounds of pull force holding these magnets together.  It's no small trick to separate two of these Bad Boys.
  3. These Neodymium magnets will partially demagnetize each time they exceed 175 degrees F.  They will loose all magnetism if allowed to exceed 310 degrees F.
  4. The 5-Gauss Line in the fully assembled Trentatron is 6 Inches from the back of the channels and 1 inch from the side plates.  Personnel with pacemakers should not handle the magnetic units.
  5. Handle magnetic units with care!   The magnetic units are extremely strong.  Injury is possible if the magnetic units are allowed to snap together or if nearby metal objects are allowed to be attracted to the magnets.  Each magnet of the TAT-21 has a pull force of 200 pounds.  Be aware and be prepared, don't allow these things to slip and grab something or somebody.
  6. It is highly recommended that you keep the individual magnetic units in their shipped configuration until you actually separate the individual parts for attachment around the pipe.  In no case should you attempt to be re-assembled these devices without first placing the devices around the pipe or having the supplied spacer in place.