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TAT-1 Ready for Installation


 Magnet Channel removed.


Main Frame

Tie-Wrapped to pipe.


TAT-1 Finished Configuration

Water Service:

This installation requires a minimum of one unit on the incoming water pipe between the water meter and before the first split in the main water service pipe.  A booster unit is recommended on the hot water pipe coming out of each hot water heater. 

If your pipes are iron or galvanized steel, the magnets will work at a reduced level of flux density! They can be used but the flux density will reduced by a factor of three.  To use these devices you may  consider replacing that section of the plumbing system with Copper or PVC pipe or add additional units to compensate for the reduced flux field density.  We use steel in our Trentatrons because of it's magnetic properties.  This same quality in steel pipe shields the center of the pipe from the flux field. 

Outside Units (Homes without basements):

Locate your outside water meter. Remove the cover and determine the direction the pipe is running toward the house. Also, note how deep the pipe is.    Once you verify the pipe size and know the direction of the pipe, follow the pipe direction toward the house. Normally, the supply pipe will lead directly to an outside faucet. In addition, if you have a sprinkler system, the main valve box will normally be just to one side of the water supply line.

Dig a hole and locate the water line. The ideal location for the magnetic units is on a straight length of PVC or copper pipe  before the line branches off to service the sprinkler system. This configuration will allow the magnetically conditioned water to benefit your lawn and gardens. If you don't have a sprinkler system, place the system  between the meter (or pump house) and the house.  If you have cutoff valves at the service entry point of the house, placing them just in front of these is a good place.  Dig the hole large enough to give yourself some working room and to properly fit the unit around  the water pipe. It is recommended that you procure a sprinkler system valve box (10" or larger) and use that to cover the area where the magnets are buried. This will allow you to easily remove the system should you move to another residence. 

Installation Procedure (TAT-1 model):  Perform the following only when you are ready to install the unit on the pipe.

  1. Remove the unit from the box then remove the floating magnet channel.
  2. Set this channel piece down away from tools and the main frame.  Set the hardware and the spacer aside.  Save the spacer.   Also Leave the red tape in place.
  3. Place the main frame around the pipe.  Then using the supplied tie wraps and the holes in the lower channel, tie wrap  the frame to the pipe (2 places beside each end of the magnet).  The purpose here is to center the Trentatron on the pipe.  Leave the tie-wraps just loose enough to allow the magnet frame to be rotated around the pipe.  The magnets  will squeeze and hold onto the pipes themselves when finished.
  4. For this step work gloves are recommended.  Next place the slotted channel back into the frame.  The best technique is to insert  one end  of the channel into the main frame and then slide it into place.  The skirts of this channel shields the pull of the magnet towards the sides of the main frame, so keeping it centered on the main frame is important.  There is almost no magnetic pull if you do this.  But  watch your fingers here.  These magnets are extremely strong and  will pinch with amazing speed and force.  Maintain a firm grip on both parts until the channel is properly seated.
  5. Align the channel properly and then install and hand tighten the two carriage bolts, lock washers, flat washers, and wing nuts.  Allow the magnets to pull the two channels  together as tight as possible around the pipe.

Note: Models TAT-1/2, TAT-2, and TAT-21 come with the hardware installed.  The installation procedure is the same you just need to remove the bolts first.

Alternative basement procedures:

Locate the supply pipe inside your basement before it splits into cold and hot supply. Attach one up to three TAT-1 units before the split as above.  If possible, install the devices at least 12-18" before the line splits and after any filters or holding/pressure tank.

Inside Water Heater Booster Units:

Attach one TAT-1 to the hot water output pipe of each hot water heater using the techniques described above.

Installing Additional Units:

If you have "very hard water" you may consider adding additional units to your cold water supply.  They have the correct magnet spacing for stacking additional units.  Below is an example of how you may stack the units.  The center magnets are rotated 180 degrees to reverse the polarity of the flux field that the water passes through.  Opinions vary on the technique of field reversals.  However this is a common approach, especially with three magnet sets.  Same polarity mounting will extend the contact time and works just fine.