Flex Wrap

The following tests and measurements was taken on a Flexable Wrap device installed on a 3/4 inch copper pipe.  Measurements were made looking for the peak flux density, the flux density in the center of the pipe, and the minimum flux density.  Also a six inch steel scale was used to show the alignment of the flux field.

This first photo shows how the magnetic field is located at the edges of the material and not on the flat surfaces using metal filings sprinkled on a piece of paper.  This is achieved by a sandwiching multiple magnetic layers together with like poles being forced together.

If you look close you will see a circle of filings in the middle of the material.  This is a manufacturing defect where the magnetic layers are not uniform and have been pressed through each other.  The second photo shows another defect area viewed through magnetic viewing film.  This film reflects the locations of Bloch Walls .  These are transition regions between magnetic domains and they should not be there.  Half of the magnetic strips checked had these defects present


Main Magnetic field only present around edges.


Area of Manufacturing Defect

These two photos below shows flux readings on the edge of the flex wrap and in the center going into magnetic field.  Note the polarity indication on the meter.  Water entering the magnetic field will first be exposed to south pole magnetic field.


North Pole Reading


South Pole Reading entering field

The two photos below shows flux readings in the center of the pipe and the flex wrap and then on the opposite end of the pipe.  Note the polarity indication on the meter.  After entering the south pole magnetic field, the field falls to zero Gauss in the middle of the unit (first photo).  The second photo shows how the field has changed polarity as the water exits the back side of the unit.

These photos shows how the  flux field is not uniform going through the unit.  Entering the unit, the water will see a South Pole field of 440 Gauss which drops to ZERO in the middle of the unit and then sees a North Pole flux field that rises to 447 Gauss as it exits the field.

That's right, in the middle of the unit the flux field is zero and it reverses polarity going into and exiting the area of the magnetic unit.

So their claim of having a uniform flux field is TOTALLY FALSE.  Magnetic fields are only present at the leading and trailing edges of these devices and never exceeds 450 Gauss anywhere and drops to zero in the center of the device.


Center Flux Field Reading


North Pole Reading exiting field

What flux field there is, is parallel with the flow of the fluid stream instead of cutting across the stream flow and has very little pull force. This unit only produces a weak magnetic field on the front and back edges of the device. These devices are low cost and you get what you pay for.




Flux Field at edges of unit