Trentatron Testimonials

Most of us (including myself) are/were skeptical about being able to condition water using magnets.  I remained somewhat skeptical even after I saw the changes and improvements in my own home.  Yes they worked great with my Garland City water, but what if I lived outside of  Boise Idaho and had extremely hard well water with iron issues???

There are three things that eliminated what remaining skepticism that I had.

  1. Repeat Customers
  2. Almost no returns (2%)
  3. Customer Testimonials

On line postings of my product reviews can be found at the following links:

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Got Hard Water?

All of us have busy schedules and I want to thank all the Trentatron owners that have taken the time to send me feedback (or call) about my product.  Here is some of the feedback I have received from my customers.



This is just to compliment the Trentatron conditioning magnets. I just moved into a new apartment and they advised that I could not have a traditional softner since they pay water/sewer as part of the rent. Also it would require modifications to the plumbing. I had heard of magnetic treatments but was not sure about them. I did a yahoo search and your product was in the list. I looked at your site and it appeared you had addressed all of the negative items that I had heard about magnet systems (the biggest is pipe corrosion). Our water hardness per Indiana American website was 287-336. I ordered set of 4 (3 for incoming and one for water heater outgoing). It took me all of 10 minutes to install these (including getting a fresh cup of coffee). I ran the dishwasher and did a load of whites to empty the water heater. I took a shower and the difference in the water was PHENOMENAL !! These things WORK !!! I can't believe the difference in how my skin feels. My folks have soft water and it feels just like I showered there. My 2nd load of wash was towels and I only used 1/2 of the detergent that I normally use and had not seen that many suds in YEARS ( I had soft water 5 years ago). When I wash my hands I just have to use about 1/3 of a pump from the soap bottle and get more lather than I have had since I had soft water. My aunt owns a water conditioning business and gave me the standard reply about these corroding pipes and not working. I say they DO work. I'm going to have folks order the BIG DOG system for their pool. I can't wait to see what it does this summer. Thank you again, sometimes a small simple invention just hits one out of the park and this is one of those. I have been telling my friends and acquaintances about these things. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is. However, this is one product that sounds too good to be true, until you use it, then you know it can happen. The best part, is that unlike salt conditioners, these remind me of an info-mercial product from years ago, JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT !!!

Gregory Rusk

Terre Haute, IN



Allen, the TAT you sent me last year to test on my boat had very obvious results. I've sent two pictures of the sea strainers on the saltwater intakes to the diesels on my 32' Bayliner. Can you guess which side had the TAT installed. I also checked the heat exchangers for the motors and trannys and the ones on the TAT side had about 95% of the salt buildup gone. I'll be using the pictures to show all the guys in our yacht club the need to get you product. Needless to say you'll see an order for a TAT-1 for the other engine. I've got about 50 of my RV buddies plus our RV park using your products--hopefully I can do as well with my boating friends. Thanks again for a great product.


 Rich Mellinger

Apache Junction, AZ



TAT-1 Installed on Starboard Water Intake

Port Side Sea Strainer

Starboard Side Sea Strainer


Dear Allen,


It was good talking to you today.  My sister has been here in Texas taking care of my animals so I could go on vacation.  She loved my water and of course I told her how bad the water was when I bought the old farm house.  It took 5 years for these magnets to clean out 40 years of lime  and minerals in the pipes and hardware.  I now have really clear water and she loved it.  So I told her all about your magnets and she wanted them for her house.  Enclosed is a check for the Well Water Special.  Please send them to my sister in Bedford, NH.


Evelyn Arentz

Seguin, TX



I just wanted to say thank you for your great product.  Fantastic engineering and how easy to install
the unit!  I am connected to municipal city water, I installed the Tat-2, above ground, underneath the
T - 1 1/4 copper pipe which runs upright next to my garage, installed quickly and securely.  The other Tat-1's were
installed tandem to my hot water pipe running out of my gas tank, inside my garage.  I have hooked them
up for two days, I noticed my body is feeling cleaner and the water tastes a lot better.
Thanks again...saved me $1500 on a new water conditioner!


West Sacramento, CA



Dear Trentatronics Water Conditioning Systems;

am sending this email to express my great satisfaction for your product. I usually don't send letters or e-mails of praise, but your product help solved my families hard water problems.  Let me give you a brief description of the water problems in our household.

We had just recently bought a home. We also bought a new washer and dryer. I would say within a couple of months our laundry was looking dirty, water was turning brown and the grass outside in our yard was not very health. I also began to notice that our water was not forming bubbles and increased in use of detergent.  I suspected hard water after our new washer machine motor quit working.

I was presented with various solutions to our problem. Costly solutions, like putting in a water purification, water softener system
or replacing hot water heater. Other companies advise not to use magnets, quote, "These products do not work."
After cleaning out my hot water heater and putting your product on the main water line. I see big bubbles, washer machine is running great, and my lawn is the envy of my neighbors.

I want to thank you for a great product that works great for my family.

Nicholas F. Titus
Berea, OH 44017


Dear Trentatron,
 I bought a set of your magnets and installed them as recommended to help with my hard but delicious water. The effect was immediate. My water tasted and felt softer and took a while to get used to. Ceramic sinks are now easier to keep clean and the stains on my stainless steel sinks that were next to impossible to remove are now less of a problem.   Most impressive is the effect on my wood stove humidifiers. After years of service they were well crusted with mineral deposits that were like rock. After one heating season with the magnets in place, the deposits started to flake away and crumble. I took some photos to record the progress. This season, the metal under the mineral deposits is showing in places. It is a dramatic visual indication of the de-scaling effect discussed in one of the papers referenced on your website.  For my application, your device has proven to be impressively effective. Let me know if you'd like me to send some snapshots of the de-scaling effect I mentioned.  Many Thanks, S. Keast (Feb 8, 2012)


We requested the photos Mr. Keast had taken.  Here is his reply:


 Thanks for your note. I'll attach photos of my enameled cast iron woodstove humidifier. It was only after a couple of months into last year's woodstove heating season that I realized my newly-magnetic water was removing the deposits that had built up over the course of six or seven years. The first photo (December 2011) shows the mineral layer, which previously covered the entire interior, already severely eroded in a couple of places. The next photo, taken a few days ago shows additional erosion. I did not touch the interior surface, only emptying the chips occasionally. The boiling water did the work!
Thanks again for this interesting and effective water treatment device.


December 2011


Hello,  Just installed your magnetic water softner system and tested the water with pH strips and while it’s sometimes a little hard to distinguish colors my estimate is pH went up from about 6-6.2 to 6.8-7.0 maybe a tad higher- but I am very pleased with this.  Thank you for your fine product. Also one of the owners of Revelations Restaurant here in Fairfield Iowa was here when I installed the system and she was very interested in a similar application at their restaurant.  Best, Ed (Sept 12, 2009).

Hello,  My husband and I are so happy with our new Trentatron magnets.  Our water quality is so much better than with our old water softening equipment.  The biggest plus, of course, is that salt isn't necessary to get the job done.  I suffer from edema and couldn't drink the water we had before.  We needed a plumber to install filters that were attached to the other unit but basically it was as simple as you said it would be.  I would recommend your product to anyone who cares about the water in their homes.  I wanted to add I was impressed and appreciated the service you gave me concerning the return and subsequent refund for parts I didn't need.  You are definitely the best.  We have already recommended Trentatronics to many of our friends and family.  You may be getting a lot of calls or emails from most of them.  Thank you, thank you for everything.  Sincerely, Kathryn Vosnos (Sept 3, 2009)

Hello Allen,  I purchased your (3)TAT-1 Summer Special and installed it the first week of Oct/'08.  One unit on the cold incoming, one on the hot outgoing and the third on my hose I water and wash my truck with.  I immediately could tell the difference when washing and drying my vehicles.  The water sheeted off and when dry felt like I had just waxed them.  In the shower was the next point of proof with the water sheeting off the glass and chrome instead of beading and spotting.  But this last week was all the proof I needed to make this testimonial.  My water heater recently failed I had to replace the thermostat/valve unit.  But when trying to drain it at the hose spigot it wouldn't give more than a trickle.  So I pulled out the valve unit and as I did softened calcium gurgled out of the tank like a half frozen carbonated drink.  It took me two hours to flush it all out and clear the drain spigot.  Need I say more.  In less than a month four years of buildup gone.  I initially chose your product because of the quality of information on your website and secondly your 90 day money back guarantee.  Now I can happily endorse it.  Thank you, John Harmon, Sacramento, CA  (Elk Grove Well Water) 10/30/08

Good morning Mr. Trent,  My order arrived Saturday, at about 12:30 PM. I had the installation completed by 1:00 PM. Your instructions were clear and concise, and easy to follow, and the installation went without any problems. Thank you for the fast shipping, and your exceptional material/construction quality.  Regards.  Jack M. (Hale, MI, Oct 26,2008).

Allen,  It is now a week after I installed your TAT-1 pkg. and yes it is working for us, thank you. Water is now almost as soft as it was before our salt fed electric powered water softener broke down. I have to be honest that I have my apprehension that this would really work despite the positive testimonies of other clients of yours. I even saved the box and all original packaging stuff the 3 TAT-1 was shipped thinking that I'll be doing a return before warranty expires, instead please count me in as another satisfied client. But now I can dispose that packaging knowing my water keeps on getting better. I'm so glad I did not purchase a more expensive replacement of the same water softener that broke after 5 years of use. If in anyway you would like to add this as a testimonial for your product, please feel free to do so. For future clients, I would just like to let you know that I do not know Allen, I wish I do knowing the potential boom of his product :-)  Thank you.  Lyndon J. L., Las Vegas, NV 89139 (Oct 15, 2008)

Allen, they say that the best advertisement for a product is word of mouth sales. Since I purchased your TAT-1 16 months ago for my RV over 20 of my friends that I have told about the magnets have ordered from you. Some have ordered 2 or more of them. Here's the kicker---not one has sent it back and more sales have come from their excitement for the product. I can guarantee that more magnets will be shipped to SHIPROCK RV RESORT!!!  Rich Mellinger, Apache Junction, AZ (Jan 28,2008)

Allen, I just wanted to drop you a note about your great product. First I would like to thank you for taken the time to help me plan the placement of the units. We moved into the new house that we had built in April 2007. I had a whole house water purification system installed before we moved in. This purification unit was to help kill all the things that are in your water that you do not want to know about. We had been in the house a month before installing your product. I had noticed the Bosch dish washer already had a white film on the doors and white powder on the trays. I installed four of your units, one before and after the water purification unit (the purification unit looks just like a water softener with out the salt tank and has a 1micron filter).Then one after each tank-less gas water heater. I cleaned the dishwasher to remove the white residue. It has been seven months now and the dishwasher looks like new. I still use kool-aid non sweetened to clean the dishwasher every three months to make sure it stays clean. Yes kool aid does work for mild build up. It is cheaper and safer than the store choices. The water does feel a little softer but not like the way a salt softener feels but that is not what we where looking for. My goal was to stop or slow the build up of calcium in the pipes and appliances. Your product has done a great job and cost less then the other companies. I also feel your product is far superior then the ones that do not use the Neo magnets. We also have a spa and plan on installing your product on the spa at a later time. Keep up the great job.  David H. Tampa FL (Dec 3, 2007)

Just wanted to let you know we love your magnets. My wife has wanted soft water for years but I kept putting her off. We ordered 3 magnets last month and they work great. My brother just got his from you and I just ordered another 4 from you for my son and his wife.  I can't believe they work but they are great. They are so easy to install and I don't have to fool with the mess of salt.  The results are so quick.  Once again," THANKS" for a great product. Sam and Judy. Georgetown, Indiana (Nov 20, 2007)

Our water was about as hard as water gets, mainly with Ca+.  We estimate we were replacing at least one major water-consuming appliance every year – dishwasher, washing machine, etc. due to Calcium buildup.  This is not to mention the cost and PITA factor of replacing pipes and valves regularly (and often with urgency).  Furthermore, the fact that our clothes were never really clean, and the..chalky…taste made the water undrinkable.  I was sceptical of the Trentatronics system, but the options were scarce.  A Na+ replacement softener would have used untold amounts of salt, putting that Sodium into our water supply and ultimately the septic tank with unknown consequences to that $20,000 system.  We considered a whole-house Reverse Osmosis system but discarded that option mainly because we are on a well and can’t afford to lose 4 gallons of water for every one we use.  That much waste water was also a moral consideration for us as conservationists. 

I purchased the Trentatronics magnets without fully understanding the physical mechanism, something that I am not generally known to do.  However, I figured that for under $200, I would take the chance that if it didn’t work, the 90 day return policy was as good as the word.  I never had to find out if that return policy was up to snuff because the magnets worked like crazy, and immediately.  I installed 3 magnets – one on the outflow side of the well, one at the cold water inflow to the house, and another on the hot water tank outflow.  I did this mid-cycle of a load of laundry and was astounded.  The rinse cycle of the washing machine had dirty, soapy water – representing soap and dirt that was left in the load after the wash cycle of untreated water.  My wife had a bath and came out of it raving about it. 

We are installing what I suspect will be our last dishwasher tomorrow, free of worry that it will become gummed up with limey crud like its’ predecessors.  My plumber neighbour had never previously heard of the technology and has installed hundred of conventional water softeners purchased for $1500 and more each, and he hopes to be able to test the system in his clients’ homes in the near future.  While I still do not understand how a magnetic system can influence non-magnetic ions, I don’t really care how it works, just that it does.  I highly recommend this system.  I also highly recommend that you learn from my mistake and follow the installation instructions, particularly the caution about using gloves.  These magnets are so strong it’s scary and I still have a bruise on my finger tip from when the top-channel magnet got away from me and pinched my finger against the bottom with roughly the same force as hitting my finger with a hammer.  I can’t adequately express my satisfaction with they system and my relief that our water problems are over. 

Move over expensive and bulky ion exchange water treatment…your time is done. (Chris,  Sorrento, BC- Sept 30, 2007)

Well Allen, I waited to put in the feedback as I was skeptical…. But the darn magnet works excellent!! I was shocked. Thanks very much, and you can use me as a testimonial…  Now if I can only get rid of the iron discoloration from the well water,… 

Bob Sass

Prince George, BC (July 25,2007)


Dear Mr. Trent,

This is apt to be a long letter so please bear with me. I started this letter in April. It’s now July 5.  We don’t have a water softener. In spite of the hard water (15-20 grains) I live alone so I got along without it. Yes the fixtures crusted with white deposit, the porcelain built up deposit; it was all pretty ugly and I had to squeegee the shower doors after every use.  Three years ago we installed a new dishwasher, a Bosch, because it had a heater and washed at 161 degrees F. Regularly the dishwasher built up a white mineral deposit on all surfaces including the baskets, sprayer arms and silverware baskets. The soap dispenser often failed to open because of deposit buildup. The dishes, of course, had streaks, spots  and always some mineral deposit. The glasses after three washings were cloudy and almost opaque. Once a week I rinsed them with CLR.  Periodically I ran a bottle of Jet Dri dishwasher cleaner through the machine. It softened the deposit but didn’t wash it away. The filters were clogged with the deposit. I wiped what I could, but I couldn’t reach everywhere. I scrubbed the soap dispenser and filters with CLR.  It helped, but didn’t last.  Finally at the beginning of April we (family)  disassembled the dishwasher and cleaned each and every part and surface. We unclogged the spray arms and the filters and hand picked at all the holes and soaked everything overnight in CLR. We removed every trace of deposit we could see.
From somewhere an old box of White King water softener and detergent surfaced, and I threw some into the bottom of the dishwasher with every load. It did help. The dishes were noticeably cleaner. I couldn’t find White King locally, so I went on the web looking for a source. I came across magnetic water conditioning and started to read. I read about a dozen products including yours. I read everything on your site. I read every research and technical report I could find. I read all the other vendor’s sites. “This will never work. If it did, it would be in every house in the country by now” I said. The evidence doesn’t support it. So I read some more, and went back and forth with my extreme skepticism. I read everything on your site once more. I read all your Ebay reviews. I was beginning to sway. It was beginning to sink in. The best thing that could happen is that there might be some noticeable small improvement. The worst could be that I’ve wasted the money. In between, the seller just might honor his return policy.
On April 18 I ordered three TAT-1 units.
On April 21 I installed the units, two on the incoming water line and one on the hot water heater outlet. I ran a lot of water to flush the pipes. Over the next four days it seemed to me the water tasted better, the soaps were sudsier and there appeared to be an absence of  new deposit buildup in the dishwasher and on the fixtures. Am I dreaming? Could this be real? Then I went away for three weeks.
Since May 18 I have been monitoring performance. The bottom line. The magnets work. Are they perfect? No, but not far from it. I have paid particular attention to two areas, dishwasher and kitchen, and bathrooms.
I checked the dishwasher for mineral deposit on its parts and the dishes for appearance.  After several loads I didn’t observe any deposit buildup, but the glasses remained cloudy. I discovered that the glasses were etched from too much exposure to CLR. I found glasses that had never seen CLR or this dishwasher and used them for a control sample. The glasses came out sparkling. The dishes were spotless and shiny. This continued over the next dozen or so normal household dishwasher cycles and has continued ever since. After a half dozen cycles the control glasses showed a slight tinge of cloudiness, but it wiped right off with a dish towel. Also a slight cloudy deposit appeared on the bottom of the dishwasher, but it, too, wiped up with a towel. There isn’t any sign of mineral deposit buildup anywhere in the dishwasher.
I observed that the porcelain sink and fixtures were not accumulating mineral deposit. Pots and pans were coming cleaner without mineral deposit, especially the vegetable steamer.  On June 21 I cleaned the kitchen with a vapor steamer. I removed every bit of mineral deposit from every surface. Now the porcelain shines and the fixtures look as good as new. It’s been a real transformation.
In my bathroom I stopped wiping down the shower doors. I noticed that the glass dried without water spots and remained clear. The fixtures dried without water spots. Again in June I cleaned the tub, fixtures, tile, and all surfaces of the bathroom with a vapor steamer to remove every bit of old mineral deposit. Everything now shines, and there isn’t any trace of new mineral deposit. I steamed the other bathrooms, and they look great too. I do wipe the shower doors just to keep them looking good.
I spent so much time in research that I felt I had to prove the point one way or another.  The magnets work for me, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t work for anyone who lives with water conditions like mine.
Use any part of this letter for testimonial or marketing purposes if you wish. I’ve had a successful result.
Donald A. Nicksay
Ventura, CA  (July 5,2007)


     I purchased two Tat -1 magnet devices a short time ago but wished to drop you a note as to their performance so far.
 First of all I just would like to comment on the integrity of your company. Before purchasing, I had inquired to which set up I should use as I did not know how to convert the test numbers of the hardness of my water to the units you were using. I fully expected to get an answer that would suggest a stronger more costly set up. To my surprise you still recommended a basic system inline with the numbers I had given. Thank you for your honesty! This was the initial step to ease some of my skepticism.
    I received my order quickly and installed the magnets about a week and a half ago .I can already see a difference in the water. The glasses from the dishwasher come out sparkling as there are no more water spots, or a haze on them. I can feel the increase in softness of my hair after shampooing. My wife actually complained as she says her hair is "too soft" as it does not stay in place as easily as before, I had to laugh.
   Our shower head is 13 years old and was just covered in mineral deposits. I soaked it in the tub in about an inch of water for about a day. I could hardly believe how easily most of the deposits scraped off. It is not yet perfect but the chrome finish that I thought was gone is actually still there. I wished that I had took pictures. Previously I would have to scrub all of the fixtures in the bath with soft scrub to remove the film build-up on them. I last cleaned them in this manner when I first installed the magnets. Now all I seem to have to do is wipe it down with a damp sponge and they shine like new! They are not even close to needing a cleanser yet. Bottom line....don't expect to be seeing a return request from me.
  Oh yea, I kind of feel bad about one thing. A co-worker had just purchased a system which utilizes a wire coil wrap design, and paid over $700 for it. I just hope it works as well as mine at $139. I know he will be inquiring as to how I made out. Anyway, thanks for saving me a ton of money and for the help on choosing the right set up.
                                       Ron Stevens,
                                       Southington, Ct. (March 8, 2007)

Hello Mr. Trent, I wanted to thank you for inventing this magnetic water conditioner device, and share with you our quick story.  We had been in the market for a water softener till we learned of the use of salt to soften the water.  With my high blood pressure, we didn’t want to chance aggravating it with salt.  So my wife, Gina, did some Googling and came across your website.  She came to me with it and, having a degree in Physics and an MBA, I was super skeptical for two reasons: 1) how could an external magnetic really work, and 2) why hadn’t we heard of this if it was such a great invention?  Well she kept insisting that the testimonials were great so I reluctantly gave in and checked out your website. What gave me pause was the fed govt report which explained the physics behind this well known technique.  So I figured, ok, let’s spend the $150 or so and, worst case, we’ll return it.  I was still very very skeptical and certain this was another scam. 

That was almost a month ago and I’ve seen for myself the indisputable results: 

          spots on shower glass, faucets, coffee pot, dishwasher cycles, etc.

          softener feeling clothing

          more suds with less soap when we give our 4 little kids tub baths

          a “soft” taste and feel to the water which struck me as very pleasant and unexpected 

So please add me to you list of converts.  It’s too bad that retail outlets like Home Depot, OSH, etc might be threatened by your device because of fear of lost sales on expensive water softeners and frequent salt pellet replenishment income.  But this has to be the best spent $150 I can think of. Many thanks for bringing your invention to market despite the obvious overwhelmingly critical public. Sridhar and Gina Ramanathan (Feb 8, 2007)

Hi.  I purchased and spoke with you over a year ago. Several units were installed.  After more than a year in one of the hardest water places in the world, your units are indeed doing a great job at saving my plumbing parts and making my water just feel better.  And without chemicals or electricity.  Great product and good engineering.  Some of the units are outside in some harsh weather and holding up very well.  Congratulations. G Paul Didler (Oct. 20, 2006).  (In a phone conversation, Paul said that this was the third magnetic water conditioner product that he had tried.  The first ones were beige colored and about 9" long. The second ones were GMX.  Neither of the first two products worked for him.  This shows that field strength did make a difference for him.)

 I told my online friends about your products, you may (or may not) have noticed some increased hits from it but I thought I'd share my posts with you:   Phil S (Sept 15, 2006)

Got my first two TAT-1s installed the same day they arrived, about two weeks ago.  Put one on the cold inlet to the house and the other on the water heater output.  I did not expect these things to do very much (if anything).  We have lived with this hard water well for 25 years, and with your return policy I felt I should give 'em a try and maybe be out some shipping charges. 

I first noticed a REMARKABLE difference less than an hour after installation.  I was filling the kitchen sink for a load of dishes and not only could I FEEL a difference in the water but I could SEE that what was my normal amount of dish detergent gave double the suds, and those suds were comprised of smaller bubbles but thicker foam.  When the last load (the pots and pans) was finished, there were STILL ample suds.  That's never happened before.  We now use less dish detergent, laundry detergent, and shampoo.
My wife has long hair and it only took one shower for her to feel the difference!  Rinsing and conditioning her hair improved drastically!
Today I ordered two more TAT-1s.  We have a "cistern" water system.  We are "off-grid" for power.  Once or twice a week I start our generator in order to pump water from our deep well into a holding tank.  From there, a smaller pump (one capable of operating from a power inverter) keeps the pressure tanks that supply the house up to pressure.
I'm going to install one TAT-1 on the line from the well to the holding tank and the other on the input/output of the pressure tanks.  The water will pass through the 1st magnet when I'm filling the tank from the well.  It'll pass through the next one when the jet pump pressurizes the bladder tanks.  The water will pass back through that same TAT-1 when it flows from the pressure tanks to the house.  At the house it'll still have the original two TAT-1s to flow through. 
I don't know if this will make any (more) noticeable difference in our water quality but it COULD.... our evaporative coolers and outside plants will get the treated water.  Don't know if the air from our coolers will be any different or whether plants care.  But I do know the first two units made a believer out of me.
And my opinion of how they work?  Can it just be that magnetized minerals repel from surfaces, people, hair and other things?  And straight from the well, the minerals are attracted to everything?  I know that the minerals must still be in the water but they sure do act differently!
And thank you for researching the principle.  I looked at your products and your competitors for about a year and your construction is certainly superior.
I'll let you know if these next two units make any more difference. Phil S (Sept 5, 2006)  

Hi Allen

I have used your TAT-1s for about 6 months now, one on the house entry and one on the Hot Water exit. Our water was only moderately hard to begin with.   I am however very pleased to announce that your product performs AS ADVERTISED.  This is a very rare find these days therefore I don't write endorsement letters.  We also distil our water which helps too, but not only our family, our guests noted 'your water is so soft"..."it really tastes good"  
It does taste notably better, the shower stays cleaner much longer.  The water pot for tea has almost no mineral buildup anymore. Our yard looks better this year in spite of the fact we are very low on rainfall, so most was irrigation water.  The hair, nope, can't tell a hair is like wire anyway; ( unless combined with organic shampoo, this showed a tremendous improvement).  Not that you need to, but you are welcome to use this letter in your testimonials as well.  Best Regards, Larry VanderMeulen (Aug 30, 2006)

We ordered and installed two tat 1 magnets almost a week ago and already I am extremely impressed.  My question is................where do all the built up minerals go?  I was so much of an unbeliever that I made my husband promise that if after 3 months I hadn't noticed a difference, we would get a system from Culligan at $1250.  Well, that's not going to happen!  I ran the dishwasher Saturday without Lemi-Shine (I have to use Lemi-Shine in the dishwasher or else the dishes are covered with a white film) and my glasses and silver-ware came out literally shining.  When I drink coffee in the morning, my cup always gets a brown residue build-up after each cup stayed clear now.  My husband just ordered two more, one for the well and one for the hot tub. Today was the first day back to work after the holidays, and I have told so many people about how great these magnets are, but everyone's first question was, where do all the minerals go..............if you answer this then I can pass the word.  My home e-mail is but you can e-mail me here at work so I can let people know.  Renee M. , Udall Kansas (Nov 28, 2005)

'These are far and away the BEST water conditioning magnets you will find ANYWHERE! They are far more powerful than anything else available -- on eBay or elsewhere. I've purchased SEVERAL different water conditioning magnets, and NONE of them even come close to the Trentatron Magnetic Water Conditioner/Softener System. Simply the very BEST your money can buy!' Robert M., Las Vegas, Nevada ( Nov 16, 2005)

Dear Mr. Trent:  I am using one TAT-1 magnet between a carbon filter and a flash hot water heater set at 120 degrees with a tempering valve.

1. Dishes are twice as easy to wash.
2. Showering is much faster to get squeaky clean.
3. We dump the contents of our Water Distiller boiler which fills from the hot water line once a week.  Last week, the dumped water had no particulates and was perfectly clear. This week, after several days using magnetized water, the boiler water was brownish, cloudy, and had half a teaspoon of black "sand" in the bottom. Obviously, the hot water pipes and the boiler are being descaled.

I immediately ordered a second TAT-1 to put on the cold water line entering the house? Does it matter which side of the pressure reducer valve it is installed on?  Very useful gadget!  -Dave Moore
(May 9,2005)

Dear sir ma'am, I wrote a huge letter. as I'm the most grateful customer it's the best purchase of a decade - hands down. it's every thing u said & more I was too skeptical orderin' it. my cleaning time 's been reduced to 1 third thanks to your product- w/ fr. better results I've a lot more time to play now. bef. all my time 's consumed w/ cleaning grt8 fr. hair as well as hair color- brightens the color other set today. q. anita t is it good for pain relief in the body I'll order an can i use it fr. pain relief in the body. kindly expedite ur. reply as i'm in a lot of pain tq anita. (May 6, 2005)

Hello, I purchased (2) TAT-1 magnets from you a couple of months ago and wanted to have some time for evaluation before letting you know how they worked for me. I placed one on the 1" discharge pipe directly at the well, and all the water that comes from the well passes through this pipe, which feeds my house and sprinkler system. The other I put on the input side (cold water) of the hot water heater. I'm happy to say that the results have been dramatic. Previously, I was getting lime deposits around the kitchen sink and shower. These have all but disappeared. Also, the water has a softer, "feel", kind of hard to describe. I must admit, I was skeptical when I ordered, because these type magnets don't seem to be too well known - in other word's, you can't get them at Home Depot and it seemed too easy a solution for the lime problem. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with the performance of your product. Thanks, Larry Niren (May 5, 2005)

Hello Allen,  To give you feedback on my rock hard well, and your TAT-21 magnets. I received the 3 TAT-21’s and the TAT-1 last Thursday. Installed it late in the day on Thursday, Here it is only Tuesday and we notice a huge difference of spotting of glasses and fixtures!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whatever the magnets do, they in fact improve the apparent quality of water.  I’ll keep you informed as to what we notice with the magnets, they are our only treatment on our system. You have a believer and a testimonial, if the performance continues to follow the current results.  Dominic St. John, West Columbia, Texas (May 3,2005)

It is time for a testimonial: I purchased two TAT 1s early in December willing but a little skeptical.  My well water tested almost all the way to the hardest on your test.  I can report that our hot water kettle for the stove has little or no build up now and used to develop a rock lining that took aggressive scrubbing to clean up.  The ring around the bath tub used to require a rag and tub cleaner after every bath now it rinses off with no wiping.  We do take cleaner to the whole tub every couple of weeks.  Tap water tastes great as well.  Haven't done any treated untreated comparison test but we used to run all our drinking water through a Brita filter and I now drink straight from the tap.  Thanks for bringing such a great product to the market and at a very good price.  It has upgraded our quality of life.
Henry Swayze, Tunbridge Vermont (Jan 21, 2005)

When you see repeat purchases and testimonials such as these you know that these devices really are making a big difference.